Purple Flowers

Before you proceed with this blog post, please know that this has been my experience with my own spiritual journey. I know not everyone believes in guides or spirits and some think it is flat out bullshit. For me, it is significant and has brought me strength and guidance. If that resonates with you, we share something very special and powerful. If it doesn’t, that’s okay! No judgment here! I hope you have something that helps YOU feel grounded and balanced, whatever that may be!

After my Grammy Fay died in 2016, I started having very vivid dreams of visiting with her, talking to her, and getting messages from her in my sleep. Combined with some other similar experiences over many years, I decided it was time to do a little more research and connect with the spiritual side of myself. I connected with a woman in my community who is a spiritual medium and started working with her. It started with just a few readings, but then moved into my own studying of mediumship and intuition. It has been a journey that allows me to feel grounded and guided and comforted in the knowledge that we are not in this alone.

During one of my first readings, my Gram came through right away and Lisa, the medium, immediately mentioned that she saw me surrounded with purple. Purple was my Gram’s favorite color. Among other things, she told me that my spirit sign from Gram would be purple flowers. She said I would see them when Gram was with me or as validation that I was on the right path….that I was exactly where I was meant to be at that time. The very next day my daughter’s teachers handed me large bouquet of purple flowers and I cried. Having a physical sign to know my Gram was there felt huge. Shortly after, I was talking to Gram one morning when I was missing her. When I opened my front door, a small purple flower was on the threshold. I now have the purple flower tattooed on my ankle and you can see it on my website.

Around the same time, I was starting to audition again for shows after a ten year break. The first role I landed was Fiona MacLaren in a production of Brigadoon. The synchronicities were overwhelming:

  1. Fiona begins with F, like Fay
  2. The director’s middle name was Fay
  3. The stage was decorated in purple heather and I sang and held the purple flowers in my hands

I have no doubt that Gram has been guiding me along this journey. Seeing purple flowers makes me feel loved and grounded and secure in knowing our loved ones are always with us. I find it comforting. I am grateful the signs are all around us.

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