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Height: 5’4”
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Vocal Range: C3 to C6
Pronouns: She/Her

About Me

People often ask me what my end goal is for my acting career. End goal? Broadway? A big movie? Is that what they mean? After a ten year hiatus to have my three gorgeous children (I’m a little biased), my first end goal was to not throw up at auditions. I was sometimes successful. Now, the longer I am back in this world, my end goal has become to have no end goal. My goal is to continue learning and growing as an actor, to continue playing tennis with those who are better and more experienced. My goal is to do work that feels important and makes my family proud – that makes it a little easier for them to understand if I have to miss a sporting event or school performance. My goal is to play roles that scare me because those are the ones that will push me to the next level of performance.

The weekend the world shut down, I opened and closed the world premiere of a play called “Conversations About an Empty Suit,” written by Madelyn Sergel and directed by Judy Blue. It was that play, that role, that truly taught me that no one else can define what success is. It will look different for everyone. It will look different for me, a mom of three, starting my career later in life when many have settled into what they have done for years. It will look different for me than a young twenty-something fresh out of theater school. I love where my career is headed and where it has been. I love seeing the theatre world with fresh eyes and knowing that what I offer now to a role is rich with life experience and empathy. Keeping that in mind, my end goal is to always work authentically and to always stay true to who I am.

Some logistical things if I still have your attention. Some of my favorite roles over the last few years have been Abby in Conversations About an Empty Suit, as mentioned above, Fiona in Brigadoon (my first show back after so many years), the Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods, Jane Tate in It Runs in the Family (goodness, does it feel good to just make people laugh for a couple hours in the midst of such a chaotic world), and Mrs. Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank (Oof. It was very different playing this role as a Jewish mom of young children than it was reading the book as a young girl). I have also been having fun filming my first commercials and painstakingly learning to control these eyebrows and big expressions on camera. As Dean Cobb always told us in high school productions, be loud enough that Bob Cobb [his dad] can hear you in the back row and big enough that he can see you. That really sticks with you, has done me wonders on stage, and turns out, does not translate to on-camera work. Like I said, always learning and growing.

Other interests include traveling with my family (or without because sometimes Mom needs a girls trip), embarrassing my children, hiking, laying on the couch with my standard poodles, Leo and Pearl, listening to True Crime, working out, reading, cows, collecting mugs, making to-do lists that I swear I am going to follow, and being with my friends. I am living a life I never could have dreamed and am endlessly grateful for everything I have: my health, my family who supports this wild ride of a career, new friends who have come to my life in more recent years and lifelong childhood friends who truly know me better than I know myself - who hold a mirror up for me to see that I am wonderful when I don’t feel it and to humble me when I need it…the list could go on and on.

What a ride. Looking forward to what is just around the corner.


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Rikki Lee Travolta

Life and Times of Rikki Lee Travolta - Tale of the Allergist's Wife

As free spirit Lee Green, Aimee Kleiman bursts into the action of the play like a bright shining star. She bubbles over with enthusiasm for life, disdain for those who ignore important social issues, and a very healthy sexual appetite.

Kleiman truly shines. The stage takes on a different energy when she enters. We see her connect to each other player as the action calls for. And that resonates. The rest of the ensemble is at its best when they are engaged with Kleiman.


Bill Esler

Buzz Center Stage - Tale of the Allergist's Wife

Don’t get me wrong, this script is good, and the performances earnest and skillful, with Aimee Kleiman as Lee a cut above (she reminded me of Julie Louis Dreyfus in Seinfeld).

Jane Tate in It Runs in the Family


Life and Times of Rikki Lee Travolta - It Runs in the Family

As the heartlet from his past, Aimee Kleiman is delightful. She still has the beauty that stirred Dr. Mortimore 18 years ago, plus the character strength that comes from raising a child on your own your whole life. Kleiman’s somewhat questionable wails of anguish over bad news are a highlight of the play.

Jane Tate in It Runs in the Family


Splash Magazines - It Runs in the Family

Aimee Kleiman is the former nurse/current mother Jane Tate, and she has got the comedic chops down pat.

Jane Tate in It Runs in the Family


Chicago Theatre Review - It Runs in the Family

Aimee Kleiman, as Jane Tate, is both an attractive woman completely in charge and an unwitting victim of a man’s world. Every so often a moment of empathy creeps into Cooney’s plays, and with former Nurse Tate the audience sometimes feels for her situation as an unmarried mother trying to make things right again.

kurt naebig headshot

Kurt Naebig

Acting Studio Chicago

Aimee Kleiman is a charming, open, creative, intelligent and passionate actor, with an extremely strong work ethic.

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Parental Advisory with Lia Berman

So thrilled to be back on Lia’s podcast. This time we discuss Thanksgiving with big families, dust mite allergies, anxiety meds, and gratitude (not for the dust mites)
Click here to listen


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