Steam Room Etiquette

I went to the gym this morning and decided to steam out my cold and allergy yuck. I wrapped up in a towel (you know, the gym ones that someone designed and thought were large enough to fit around a human being, but must have forgotten to enlarge the trial size). I walked into the steam room, which I suppose is a typical size for a steam room—two levels of tiled benches that form an L-shape. Anyway, as far as steam rooms go, people dress to their comfort level: some women cover entirely in a towel (typically how I roll); some wrap the towel around their waist; others just sit naked. I have no judgement about any of it and think bodies are beautiful, so you do you.

Today, however, was a first. I walked into the steam room, prepared to drain all the shit out of my nose, and two women were in the steam room…naked…doing yoga. It took me by surprise for a moment, but I walked in and took a seat on the second level bench. At that point, I was not quite sure what came next. I had the following thoughts:

  1. Do I sit here and look straight ahead like on an elevator?
  2. Do I say hello and acknowledge that I have just walked in to the room in case they did not notice?
  3. Do I compliment their form?
  4. Do I ask if they know each other? Or was this a spontaneous naked yoga class?
  5. Do I take off my towel and just join in without saying anything?


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