O God. The Pressure of a Blog.

What, you want me to blog? You want like a blog? Oh, God, the pressure of a blog.

If you understand the reference, you are currently replaying one of my favorite movie scenes in your mind. If not, then you were likely born after 1985. I will give you a pass this time, but please try to keep up. I actually am super excited to start blogging. I have thought about it for a long time, but between my husband, three children, acting career, and ADHD, the time just passed and I never started one.

So, my intention for this blog is to share with you my daily (or somewhat daily) musings. Life is messy and strange. In those messy moments, I believe, is where we most often find the humor and the love and lessons and the growth.

Today I had ballet (which, if you know me, has been quite the experience and will be featured more in another blog entry). Anyway, the ballet studio is next to a Jewish bakery where they make fabulous challah. I know, I know, if you are Jewish you likely know someone who makes the best challah, but this one is pretty freaking amazing. I digress. I went in to buy a challah and those delicious Jewish bakery sprinkle cookies. I went to pay and they said cash only. Oh dear. When I said I only had a credit card, the woman working said, “That’s okay. Take it and come back another day to pay.” When I gave her my name, she said, “We don’t make a list. We know you will come back.”

It was such a lovely way to start the day. A reminder that in the midst of times that often feel so overwhelmingly negative and scary, there are small acts of kindness that remind me of the innate goodness in human beings. Small interactions like this give me hope that we will move toward a more positive future. 

Much love and gratitude,


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