History? Herstory? MUGSTORY!

Every day begins with the ritual of choosing the right mug for my coffee (there are about 110 of them, so this is no easy feat!). Do I need inspiration today with a motivational mug? Do I want to think about someone I love who gifted me a mug? Do I want to close my eyes and hear the monkeys in Costa Roca or feel the sand in Hawaii?

I don’t recall exactly when I started collecting mugs. Some of my mugs have been with me since I first moved away from home. I have three cow mugs that my parents were given as a gift at their wedding in 1970. While their marriage may have only lasted 18 years, those mugs remain and make me think of our first home that we lived in until I was eight years old.

My group of best friends from growing up live scattered across the country, coast to coast. Some days I miss them so much it hurts. Those days I wake up and drink from a mug that makes me feel like they are sitting there with me.

Audition? Break a Leg mug or Playbill mug. Something scary happens in the world? Human Rights Campaign mug or N’amaste In Bed mug. Feeling down? You are my Person mug. There is a perfect mug for every situation….multiple options in most cases!

Each mug makes me feel something different. I look forward to choosing my mug or letting a friend choose a mug during a visit. What mug is she drawn to? What does she need to hear that day? While I realize you may not find a morning message in a coffee mug, I do hope that you have a way to start your day that feels grounding. What do you do? What is your ritual? I would love to hear about it!

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